Yoga practice and immunity

Covid 19 – immunity and the practice of yoga In 2021 the coronavirus might be less deadly than in 2020. Did you know that our immune system has a form of intelligence, adapting and adjusting to the each-and-every threat that comes our way? As a matter of fact, over the years to come and to beat the virus, our immune…

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Asanas, Yoga Sutras

What is Iyengar Yoga?

  “It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence” ― BKS Iyengar The origins  Iyengar Yoga, as a practice, is best viewed as the culmination of many years of practical research and experimentation (of traditional Hatha Yoga) by BKS Iyengar and his family. Using a scientific and systematic mindset,…

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